Improved Kitchen Things


To help you sift through what can only be described as an endless scroll of inspiration, we’ve polled decor experts and real estate pros to comment on the most popular kitchen design ideas and how to achieve them. Here are six inspiring looks, whether you’re planning a remodel or simply like drooling over magazine-worthy kitchens.

Classic white kitchen design ideas

Simple, clean, and airy, a kitchen whose palette is dominated by white is a safe bet when it comes to kitchen design. “Classic white is truly timeless,” notes Anna Shiwlall, an interior designer with 27 Diamonds in Los Angeles. “Not only does it look neat and bright, but it gives the illusion of a bigger space.” And since white is neutral, it allows the room’s design elements to shine. To keep your look from becoming too sterile or blinding, add color pops when choosing light fixtures, tile for the backsplash, flooring, and window treatments.


Do you love clean lines? How about a room with a design that’s so bare, it’s almost hard to tell which room it is? A high-tech kitchen could be the style for you. “This look focuses on the architecture rather than comfort or color,” notes Catherine Pulcine of CPI Interiors in Ottawa. Compared to other styles, it can feel sterile and cold, but the minimalism has a way of standing out on its own.

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